Product Data Sheet:
Product Name: Beekeeping White Cotton Suit with Fencing Veil
Material: 100% cotton 240-280 GSM fabric, which is used to wear in cool areas.
Veil Materials: Strong black regular mesh at the face which is easy to breathe and see.
Zippers: YKK Plastic Zippers (Japanese Brand Imported Zippers).
Elastic: An elastic at the waist, wrists, ankles, thumb, & foot holds to keep everything in place.
Weight: Approximately 1.250 KG
Manufacturer: Bee Brothers Industry, SCCI Membership No: A-54721, NTN No: 8004060-0
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Bee Brothers Industry Bee White Cotton Suit Fencing Veil is a protective gear primarily designed for beekeepers to shield them from bee stings while working with beehives.

Protects beekeepers from bee stings during hive inspections and honey harvesting. The fencing veil is designed to cover the head, neck, and upper body, providing complete protection while still allowing good visibility and airflow. It can be worn with a variety of beekeeping suits or jackets.

Country of Production: Pakistan

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Weight 1.250 kg